Links to harmonica sites

HOHNER C-SHOP You get lots of Hohner harmonicas and spare parts here. They do not offer diminished harps though.
SEYDEL1847.DE Shop of the German harmonica factory. Maybe you can buy a 12 hole diatonic harmonica in diminished tuning here.
PLANETHARMONICA A nicely structured homepage from France. News, harp players, gear, intrument infos, etc.
BLUESHARP.ORG Tons of information: festivals, CDs, reviews, gear, etc.
YAHOO HARPTALK Frequently visited and important chat. Most of the threads are about bluesharps, amps and mics.
BRENDAN-POWER.COM Good place to buy a customized diminished harp.
Three well-kept sites for blues harp players

Links to Harmonica Players

ERIC CHAFER The ingenious harmonica player from France on the augmented tuning.
HOWARD LEVY He is a legend!
STEVE BAKER Great harp player and teacher. Check out his "Harp Handbook"!
FILIP JERS Talented harmonica player from Sweden.

Links to other Musicians

SVEN WAIDA Skilled and creative piano player from Braunschweig. Plays with Alfred in the band "Fossajar Akustik Trio". Incredible guitar player from Bremen. Recorded several unique tracks with Alfred in 2007/08. Great sax player from Bremen. Young and talented drummer from Bremen. Member of the band "JAMAZZ" from 2007-09. Superb acoustic live cover band from Bremen. Three young lions plus Alfred play remarkable songs from the last decades.

More Links

NIAMA-MEDIA.COM Website of the record label of my first album
Three sites made by my friend and professional web designer Chris