Debut CD »Motivation«

In 2005 I recorded a CD, which have been published by
in 2006.
Unfortunately it is not available anymore – so if you find a copy somewhere, grab the chance and buy it!


Here is a short description:

»Motivation« is the title of my first album. It fits best in the genre of Jazz, but contains also elements of Funk, Pop, Trip Hop and Jungle.

The musical center is the diminished tuned diatonic harmonica. Sounds of acoustic guitar, upright Jazz bass and (electric) piano are the accompaniment. Most of the songs are based on extraordinary or uncommon chord changes. The beats are sampled and programmed.


And here a review of a german journalist:

"The harmonica is the integral part of Alfred's music, alongside the acoustic guitar, double bass and electronic rhythms.

However, he does not just play any regular harp, but an instrument which he developed himself, the "Diminished Harp". It is a special tuning with a unique tone. This harmonica raises Alfred to the league of virtuosos and stylistically brilliant of this instrument.


Why is Alfred Hirsch's performance so extraordinary? His triumph is not to detract from the sensuality of the harmonica. Quite the opposite. Indeed, his deep tones penetrate the heart. At the same time, by means of his optimized "Diminished Harp", he goes beyond all technical boundaries of the instrument: he positions his music in a field that is usually a harmonica-free zone. To come across an instrument such as the diatonic harmonica in the stylish arena of Chillout Music and to take pleasure in the sound, demonstrates the confidence of its player and indeed awards the harmonica the status of beeing a fully effective instrument."


Adrian Wolfen, JAZZTHETIK, 2006