Hello music friend,

Welcome to my homepage.

My name is Alfred Hirsch and I am a harmonica player / composer from Braunschweig, Germany.


After being musically inactive for several years, I am now back on track with some new material.

My recent project is called »Fossajar Akustik Trio«. Check out our new small website (in German):


You should also take a look at my »MySpace« profile. There you can listen to some of my songs:



Video »Take Five«

This is my 2nd video for youtube.

I play the classical Jazz tune with acoustic guitar and diminished tuned diatonic harmonica.

Moreover I put diminished tabs for the theme and the first solo into the video. Maybe you can use it to play along this track…




My first youtube video

I’m proud to present: »Black Hole Sun« performed by me on the diatonic diminished harmonica.

I also play acoustic guitar on this track.